Pyro Board with 2500 Individual Flames

Science and Fire: With sound and fire the pyro board makes a visualization of the audio wave form, but check what happens when they put music through the system. A pretty impressive display.

New York in a Day

I got off the bus in New York and walked 15 miles location scouting then turned around within 24 hours to head back home. While I was looking for locations I shot what I think captured the areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan in that day.


I got back to Boston after the holidays in Utah and got snowed in on Friday. So Saturday called for an adventure.

A New York Thanksgiving

It was 5:30am in New York and I sat there shivering for front row "seats" at the Macy's Day Parade. Here's the video to prove it. Was it worth it? You can be the judge of that.

But I can say that a New York Thanksgiving is something worth putting on your bucket list...

If you bring hand warmers.