Six Little Feet

When we first moved to Boston my wife was pregnant with Tayte and it really was a big change after he was born. Being in a new place, with no family or friends. Our lives have really changed for the better. As I watch our growing family and have an introspect about the change that has happened I couldn't be more happy. And still our lives change and are molded every day. What a blessing it is to be able to grow from these changes. I am grateful we can capture our growing family and remember the small little hands, feet, eyes, tummies that make parenthood unreal. Hope you enjoy our six little feet... 

Pyro Board with 2500 Individual Flames

Science and Fire: With sound and fire the pyro board makes a visualization of the audio wave form, but check what happens when they put music through the system. A pretty impressive display.

New York in a Day

I got off the bus in New York and walked 15 miles location scouting then turned around within 24 hours to head back home. While I was looking for locations I shot what I think captured the areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan in that day.


I got back to Boston after the holidays in Utah and got snowed in on Friday. So Saturday called for an adventure.