Creative Development and Production

Art Director with Camera Chops

I’ve always worked with a camera. It’s kind of a secret weapon of mine. So give me a problem to solve and you’ve got a one stop creative shop in one guy.

Team Builder and Silent Work-Horse

I always blow something out of the water but not at the expense of team members. I am a pleaser at heart and that goes for people and the work.

Concept Guy That Can Design

People have used my skills for both sides of the coin. You dont need just a designer but a guy that can look at something that is deeper than just a design issue and deliver.

Biker Over Driver

When it comes to getting around town, I’d take a bike over a car any day. It’s not often you don’t see me come to work without a bike in tow. Larger elevators are a big plus in my book.

Meet Brandon

Award Winning Art Director

Brandon has work displayed all around the world and won several awards along the way. The work is strategic, from the world-wide campaigns to the small one-offs. The size of the project really doesn’t matter to him, every bit of work he takes on really means everything to him. Give him something to make strategic and stunning and you got your guy. He’s the go-getter kind that really owns the work and puts in the time to see it all the way through.

So take a look at his work if you haven’t already.


A little bit of everything without sacrificing the craft.


Because of his work in large ad agencies, he understands the value of strategy and deep-rooted thinking.


With work that wins awards, you could give him print work or online work and feel confident with his ability.


Brandon has a taste for color, composition, and creativity—it shows in all his photographs. And that goes for video too.


People like working with him and he likes working with others. He’s experienced and works well with others.


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